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Valencia, Alicante and Murcia: the cultural routes that you cannot miss

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Explore Alicante, Murcia, and Valencia - Featured in Our Alicante Travel Guide

Top Attractions in Alicante

Historic Sites and Landmarks

Alicante, known as Lucentum in Roman times, is a destination that captivates both tourists and residents alike. We invite you to explore a route that will take you through its rich history and heritage.

The Majestic Castle of Santa Bárbara

This iconic castle is a symbol of Alicante. Its story begins in the 9th century when Muslims chose this site for settlement.

Explore the corners of the castle and immerse yourself in its past. At “El Macho”, the summit of the castle, you will discover the oldest remnants, including the first Muslim fortification.

The second level houses the Troop Barracks and the Guard Corps, built by order of Philip II in the 16th century.

Do not miss the Face of the Moor, a rock formation with a fascinating legend. From Postiguet Beach, this figure takes on special significance. This third level of the castle also reveals the transformations it has undergone over the centuries.

Inside, the City Museum (MUSA) is a must-visit.

At the foot of the castle, the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood awaits you with its colorful houses and unique atmosphere. An experience that will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Castillo of Santa Barbara in Alicante - A Must-See Destination in Our Alicante Travel Guide

Explore Alicante’s Rich Cultural Heritage – Alicante Travel Guide

Santa María Basilica

This historic basilica stands as a testament to Alicante’s layered history. Beneath its 14th-century architecture lie the remnants of a Muslim mosque, offering a glimpse into the city’s diverse past.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) – Alicante Travel Guide

Housed in Alicante’s oldest civil building, dating back to 1685, MACA is a treasure trove of modern art. It boasts an impressive collection, including works by renowned artists like Dalí, Chillida, Picasso, and Miró.

Provincial Archaeological Museum (MARQ) – Alicante Travel Guide

Discover Alicante’s ancient history at MARQ. This museum showcases significant archaeological finds from local digs and offers an engaging, interactive experience.

Alicante Water Museum – Alicante Travel Guide

Uncover the historical journey of water in Alicante. This museum provides an insightful look into the traditional methods of water transportation from natural sources to the city.

Bonfires of Alicante Museum – Alicante Travel Guide

Dive into the heart of Alicante’s most celebrated festival, Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, recognized as an International Tourist Interest. Held from June 20 to 24, this festival is a vibrant mix of art, tradition, and the famous ninots (figurines).

Ultimate Alicante Travel Guide to Alicante, Murcia, and Valencia

Discover the Beauty of Alicante - Highlighted in Our Alicante Travel Guide

Culinary Delights – Alicante’s Best Eats

Gastronomy in Murcia

Activities in Valencia

Top Alicante Airport Transfers Destinations

– Alicante Travel Guide- Top Reviewed Destinations in Alicante, Murcia, and Valencia

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